RCT School of Life


We all create every occurrence in our Lives through our thoughts and emotions. The moment we accept this, we are able to fully take responsibility for our life and not only end projection and blame but come to a place where we can consciously create our life experience.

The RCT School of Life starts with the Circle of Foundations in which you will examine your thoughts and emotions pertaining to the most important areas of your life to become aware what in you has created the current circumstances and how to permanently shift them.

Once you have achieved a certain level of mastery in this area you can move into the circle of creation in which you learn step by step how to consciously design your life experience and align more and more aspects of your life with this creation.

Circle of Foundations

Getting yourself into the Game of your Life





    • Intimate Relationships
    • Family
    • Work
    • Friends
    • Casual Relationships
    • Relationship with yourself


Body and Health

Career, Money and Business

Every one of the three themes of the Circle of Foundations is a 12 week curriculum. We recommend that you take all three, yet you are eligible to move into the Circle of Creation after completing one of the three.

Circle of Creation

Design your Life consciously



Module 1 – Acceptance

Module 2 – Creation

Module 3 – Align more aspects of your Life with your conscious creation

Module 1-3 are 12 weeks in duration for each and have to be taken in numerical sequence.