2024 RCT Practitioner Internship

This internship will start in March and end in December.

Are you passionate about ReConnective Therapy? 


Do you want to make the power of RCT available to a broader population? 


Have you longed for a more personalized mentoring relationship as you continue to grow your skills, capacities and practice? 

In 2024 ongoing RCT Practitioner Training is being offered in the form of an RCT Internship which will include not only formal ongoing training but also incorporating more opportunities for  sitting in and emphasizing feedback and guidance from Kerstin. Feedback and mentoring are the most effective way to accelerate a practitioners’ growth, skill and confidence. With the 2024 RCT Internship approach, feedback and mentoring are prioritized making them more accessible and timely.


This Internship is for those who are committed to growing their RCT Practice.



Submit your Application by March 11, 2024


Prerequisite: APEW I
Cost: $2400

2024 RCT Practitioner Internship Components:


  • 9 Sitting In days with Kerstin
    • one day per month for 9 months.
    • Schedule your dates through the RCT office.


  • 6 Case Study Calls 
    • During Calls: Work with one of your clients remotely and receive feedback.Dates:
      March 26th
      April 30th
      May 28th
      June 25th
      July 30th
      August 27th

      Time: 6:00 – 7:30am PT


  • 4 Group Debrief Sessions
    • scheduled every other month.
    • Bring your questions about your practice and be supported in your next steps as an RCT Practitioner.


  • Individual Client Feedback as you go
    • Reach out for timely feedback on your active client sessions via Telegram with Kerstin


  • RCT Practitioner Community Sessions
    • Regular gatherings to support practitioners growth and development.
    • Schedule determined by the cohort.


  • RCT Sessions
    • All RCT Practitioners enrolled in the RCT Practitioner Internship must be receiving regular RCT Sessions.
    • Price of individual RCT Sessions is not included in the Internship tuition.