Practitioner Support & Training

Client Feedback for Practitioners

via Email with Kerstin

We need

  • the name of your client,
  • the approximate age,
  • the exact date of the session, and
  • why the client comes to you.

Share with us

  • what information came to you after the session was complete and
  • in how many days can the client receive another RCT session.

Cost: $20 per client / up to 3 sessions per client, not older than 3 months, all together in one e-mail



via phone or Zoom with Kerstin

  • These sessions are either through Zoom or on the phone.
  • The duration is 45 minutes
  • You can bring a maximum of 3 clients with 2 treatments of each client – which can be discussed in the call.
  • The treatments should not be older than 3 months.
  • Contact the office to make an appointment for a Feedback Session.

Cost: $110