Energetic Alignment for Organizations

Every business starts with an idea. Without this idea the business would not exist. An idea is information, like a blueprint or a template that has not yet taken physical form. Of course, we know that a business is more than information – it is the result of movement that manifests the idea into form. Consequently, we can say that a business is “information” (the idea) coupled with the “energy” to manifest it.

Imagine, for example, you have the blueprint of a house, but no workforce. Without a workforce, the house will never come into reality no matter how great the blueprint is. On the other hand, if you have the workforce, but no blueprint, the outcome is the same — the workers will just sit around and do nothing because they lack the information necessary to do the job.

At the foundation of every business is an idea and an energy. The information is the founder’s original idea and the “energy” is the action necessary to manifest the idea.

Did you ever ask yourself where an idea actually comes from? We have established that it is information thus nonmaterial. Consequently it does not originate in the 3 dimensional realm. It resides in a vast realm of energy and information that every human being has access to, yet most are not aware of the possibilities held there. Within this realm there are areas where information or blueprints reside in their state of perfection. Before this person became aware of this particular information, the idea for a business, it had to run through his system of intellectual and emotional understanding. As in most people this is a filter creating limitation and distortion. The purity and perfection of this idea was most likely not clearly translated into the conscious awareness of this person. The same is true for the manifestation of this idea in the material world.

Everything in the material universe unfolds according to specific laws. For example, one of the laws or rules of the material realm is gravity. Everything that is physical matter attracts other physical matter through the force of gravity. This is one of these principles inherent in the Universe. The movement of energy and its manifestation in the physical world are also subject to this type of order, albeit the laws are consistent with the energetic realm. Violating these principles is not in itself bad yet, like everything else, it has consequences. There is very little knowledge and education on these principles so people frequently violate them without being aware they have done so. As a consequence, for example, in the world of business, a company might encounter insurmountable obstacles possibly resulting in bankruptcy and attribute the downfall to something other than violating the principles inherent in the nonmaterial energetic realm e.g. the economy or a competing firm or a lazy workforce. If a particular situation within abusiness originates because these energetic principles have been violated, then the business must be realigned with these principles. In our experience, nothing else will correct the problem.

Energetic Alignment for Organizations is a way to connect businesses to the information of its original blueprint in its state of perfection. Once this information connects and works its way through all the aspects of an organization, it will transform and align everything with its inherent perfection.

We also offer to examine all aspects of an organization to see where there may be violations of the principles guiding the unfolding of energy in the physical realm and help organizations do what is necessary to bring it back into alignment.