Principles of Energy Work (Webinar Series)

We have experienced that only a few people have a clear awareness about how to work with energy and have knowledge of the fundamental laws in this domain.

Working with energy is a science. It is as precise as western science, the only difference is that we do not limit ourselves to focusing only on the material world but also include our internal world, which includes thought and emotion.

Our first step into this work together is a Webinar Series with 3 calls. In these calls we will introduce you to fundamental laws of the energetic world.

You will learn:

  • The foundational laws of the material world
  • The foundational laws of the energetic world
  • The interfaces between the energetic and the material world
  • The navigation of the energetic world
  • The anatomy of the human energy body
  • Foundational Principles of energy work, i.e energy transfer and resonance

After every class you will receive practices that will make you more acquainted with the material.

Every class will be recorded and you will be able to download it.


Cost: $250


2024 Dates:

3-Day Series

Time: TBD

Facilitated by: Kerstin Schoen

Registration Deadline: