What is ReConnective Therapy?

We all carry the knowledge for perfect well-being within us. This knowledge is contained in our energy body. It is our observation that the energy body is the force that builds the physical body and holds the templates for perfect body and mind structure and function. It also contains all our feelings, thoughts, memories and possible futures. We can lose our well-being when connections between the energy body and the physical body are broken. ReConnective Therapy (RCT) is an alternative nonmedical/nonpsychological healing art that is designed to facilitate connections between the energy body and the physical body.

The Energy Body

In order to understand how ReConnective Therapy is intended to work, it is important to understand the relationship between force and matter.

Our physical body consists of matter. The first Newtonian Law describes one of the main characteristics of matter as “F = m • a” or force equals mass times acceleration. This means that matter can never move without a force moving it. For example, a human cell consists of several different substances including carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and numerous trace minerals. If we combine all these substances together in the correct ratio, we will have a combination of these substances, but we will not have created a cell.

The creation of a cell requires a force organizing and moving the substances in a specific way. A cell is not an accumulation of matter but rather this force organizing matter, so that we can see a cell. If this force leaves the cell, each individual substance will go its own way again and we would say that the cell has died.

What is valid for one cell is also valid for a collection of cells such as those that comprise the human body. There is a force in every human body that organizes and moves matter so that there is a body. This force penetrates the body totally and creates every movement of substances in the body. This force I call the “energy body.” The energy body exists independently from its expression in the physical realm. The moment the energy body connects to the physical world we call “conception” and its disconnection from this realm we call “death.” Like the physical body, it is our observation that the energy body has a very distinct structure and anatomy.

The energy body contains information about physical body structure and function on two different levels. On one level it is information about the actual status of the body and on another it is information about its perfection. Let’s look at someone who has pneumonia. In this case, we can find the information about the pneumonia in the level of information about the actual structure and function of the body. It has to be this way as our premise is that the energy body rules the physical body and consequently the “pneumonia” has to show up in the energy body first before it can manifest physically. On the level of perfection there is no “pneumonia,” there is only information about a perfectly functioning lung.

What is RCT intended to do?

In RCT we aim to connect information from the level of perfection all the way into the physical body and anchor it there. In case of pneumonia, after connecting information of perfect lung structure and function, the lung can restructure itself and it is possible for the inflammation of the lung to disappear. When connecting information from the level of perfection and anchoring it in the physical body during an RCT session, the practitioner is not providing any kind of medical treatment but is solely working with the energy body.

The anchoring of the information makes it possible for the connection to stay. The premise is this can facilitate a constant flow of information from the level of perfection into the physical body. While only anecdotal since there are no scientific studies on RCT, I have never seen connections that have been established this way disappear.

It can work the same for the healing of the mind. As mentioned above, it is our observation that the energy body also contains all our thoughts and feelings. These also exist on the two levels of actual status and perfection. Essentially the healing of the mind can work the same way as the healing of the body, through connecting information about its perfection into the body. To describe the way this can work is complex. For more complete information, see Herwig’s book, “Reconnective Therapy: A New Healing Paradigm.”

How are the connections are established?

It is our observation that the levels of perfection – physically, emotionally and mentally – vibrate on the same frequency in every human being. In a session the practitioner activates his templates of perfection, meaning the practitioner is vibrating at a much higher amplitude. You can imagine this being like a light that becomes much brighter. This can lead to a resonance effect causing the templates of perfection to also activate in the client. The premise of RCT is that once this vibration is strong enough, the connections to the physical body can be established and anchored. Our observation is that this takes about a minute and then the body has all it can take at that time. It needs time to go through the process of restructuring on all levels, before another session can take place.

How is the work administered?

This work can be done in person as well as long distance. We have observed that the healing power of this work seems to be much amplified when it is done in a group setting. We postulate this is because of the resonance effect where the healing process of any group participant can stimulate healing in other group participants. It is our observation that this work can be even more effective in conjunction with conscious work where participants consciously look into unhealed aspects of themselves as we do in the RCT Healing Intensives. Although it is not possible to provide any guarantees, the healings we have witnessed that can result from this can be so powerful that they resemble the birth into a new human being.


RCT is an alternative nonmedical/nonpsychological healing art based on the emerging field of energy medicine. There is a distinction between “healing” as described above when applying RCT and the practice of medicine, psychotherapy, or any other licensed health care practice. Participating in an Awareness and Transformation Group is not a substitute for seeking professional health care diagnosis or treatment. Please refer to our Disclaimer for further clarification.

The Metamorphosis Principle


The term “Metamorphosis” is derived from Greek and consists of two aspects: “Meta”, meaning  change and “Morph” meaning form; Change Form. It is used to describe the process of shifting from one form or state to another. When a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, its internal structure becomes amorphous first, and then the matter is reorganized into the shape of a butterfly.

In my work as a facilitator for transformation, I have observed something very similar. When human beings transform, meaning they shift from one state of being to another, there is a brief state of becoming amorphous, and then the new human emerges. This is the basic structure for all healing, whether it is on the physical level or in the mind and emotions. It is also independent of whether the person is aware of this process or not.

The same is true for the transformation of everything, including humans, animals, substances, and organizations. I have come to understand that the process of metamorphosis always works along the same principles, regardless of where or under what circumstances it occurs. Once we understand these principles, we can identify exactly what supports metamorphosis and what does not.

Our work of Reconnective Therapy, Internal Practice and Energetic Alignment for Businesses is based on the knowledge of the principles of Metamorphosis or Transformation as some call it. Once this is applied correctly, Transformation is most likely to occur and can change everything in the most profound and beautiful way with results beyond our wildest dreams.