Long Distance Sessions

  • We typically conduct one-on-one sessions over long distances, with communication taking place over the phone.


  • To book an appointment:
    1) Call our office at 360 – 321 – 1207.
    2) TraceyJoy Miller will be there for you, walking you through the process and answering all your questions.
    3) Then she would set up an appointment with Kerstin.


  • Structure of a long distance session:
    1) At the time of the appointment your practitioner will call you.
    2) The session itself, i.e. the connection of the information of perfection to your body only takes a few seconds and then your body has all it can take at the time.
    3) Another aspect of our work involves spoken communication. We will actively listen to what you wish to share and utilize it to facilitate the healing process and foster self-awareness.
    4) Once this is complete, we will read your energy body to determine how long your body will take to integrate the session and offer the next appointment if you wish to continue the work.


  • We can also work with you without connecting by phone.  We have observed that it is possible for the healing effect to be the same. This is of great advantage if we are not available for a phone appointment.


  • In case of emergency it is always an option to contact us through the office. Even when TraceyJoy is not in the office, please leave a message. She listens to them frequently throughout the day.


$70 long distance session with calling (as of January 1st, 2018)
$55 long distance session without calling



RCT is an alternative nonmedical/nonpsychological healing art based on the emerging field of energy medicine. There is a distinction between “healing” as described above when applying RCT and the practice of medicine, psychotherapy, or any other licensed health care practice. Participating in a RCT session is not a substitute for seeking professional health care diagnosis or treatment. Please refer to our Disclaimer for further clarification.