Sitting In

Sitting in During Phone Sessions

This can be a very powerful opportunity to enhance your RCT practice as well as a strong boost for your internal growth. You will have the opportunity to sit in with Kerstin when she does phone sessions. You will have the opportunity to hear and see how she works and you will be in the energy when she applies RCT with the client. You will have the opportunity to receive teachings on how to handle certain situations, what the sessions did, and potentially much more. This will also include activations that can make your RCT sessions more powerful. It can be especially powerful to book these times just before coming for classes to Whidbey Island. When you sit in during sessions, you are in a very high frequency environment that, for the system, can take some getting used to. In the beginning, the capacity from each practitioner is different and the number of sessions you can sit in on can vary. In the beginning it is usually between 3 to 8 sessions per day.

Cost: $100 per day

Contact the RCT office to see if Kerstin can accommodate dates that work for you.



Sitting in During Online Awareness and Transformation Groups

Although you will be in the energy of the group, you will be there as an observer. Immediately after the group has ended there will be a separate online meeting of approximately 30 minutes during which you will receive information of the session from Kerstin.

Cost: $50

You must attend both the entire group session and the separate online meeting afterwards. Contact the RCT office to get approval for Sitting In on an Online Awareness and Transformation Group.



Sitting in During Healing Intensives

You will be present for all parts of the Healing Intensive. You will not do any work of your own during the Intensive but you can act as a stand-in for someone who is doing floor work. Each day you will meet with Kerstin and she will share insights and teachings from the day’s sessions.

Cost: $500

Contact the RCT office to get approval for Sitting In on a Healing Intensive. Sitting In requires that you meet on site at 3pm before the Healing Intensive starts, be present for the entire Healing Intensive, and meet on site 45 minutes after the Healing Intensive ends. You will depart at approximately 5:30pm on the last day of the Healing Intensive.