Training in ReConnective Therapy

Who Can Do ReConnective Therapy?

The ability to do ReConnective Therapy (RCT) is not a special gift someone does or doesn’t have. Rather, it is a skill you can acquire. It is our understanding and experience that learning is about remembering. We all know what energy is, how to read it, and how to work with it. We are spirit; it is our home. By coming here to the experience of life on planet Earth, we have forgotten who we are and what we are capable of doing. This training is designed to help you remember who you are and how to use your abilities.

After some years of teaching we began to have a clearer understanding about the requirements for those who are serious about becoming practitioners of RCT. It is our understanding that RCT is not a modality you use but rather a path you walk. The technique of facilitating the connections can be easily explained in 5 minutes. Facilitating these connections involves your whole being, everything you are. It very strongly accelerates you on your path, much more so then if you just receive RCT sessions or study RCT. Practicing requires a firm commitment to stay on the path of transformation.

The actual practice of ReConnective Therapy can only be learned through practicing and paying attention. The RCT training gives you impulses you can absorb and apply in your practice.

We are aware that the consistent practice of RCT requires of the practitioner a firm commitment to stay on the path of transformation.

The Training Program consists of:

– Principles of Energy Work (Webinar Series)
– RCT Foundation Class

– Applied Principles of Energy Work (APEW) Levels I-IV
– Advanced Classes
– Practitioner Support and Training
– One-Year Practitioner Training Program