RCT for Animals

Animals have an energy body that is very similar to human beings. Consequently they can use ReConnective Therapy and potentially receive the same effect as human beings.

Animals can suffer from physical as well as emotional and mental conditions. Often animals take on the emotional energy from their owners to help them and can become sick in the process. In these cases it is more efficient to have an RCT session with the owner rather than the animal.

While it is not possible to provide any guarantees, it is our experience that RCT can be of great support to the health and happiness of animals.



RCT is an alternative nonmedical/nonpsychological healing art based on the emerging field of energy medicine. There is a distinction between “healing” as described above when applying RCT and the practice of medicine, psychotherapy, or any other licensed health care practice. Participating in an RCT session is not a substitute for seeking professional health care diagnosis or treatment. Please refer to our Disclaimer for further clarification.


$65 long distance session with calling
$55 long distance session without calling