In Person Sessions

  • Individual sessions in person are available when we are home on Whidbey Island, WA and sometimes we open these up during our travels. You can find detailed information about our session locations and schedules on our website under the ‘Schedule’ section.


  • To book an Individual Session in Person:
    1) Call our office at 360 – 321 – 1207.
    2) TraceyJoy Miller will be there for you, walking you through the process and answering all your questions.
    3) Then she would set up an appointment.


  • Structure of an Individual Session in Person:
    1) An individual session in person is about 45 minutes in duration.
    2) We will listen to what you bring to us and we will do awareness work with you. In essence, together we set out to explore possibilities for you that you did not know existed and how you can put these into action.
    3) We will also spend time working with you hands on.
    We have observed that hands on work can  have an advantage that for some things that have been stored in the body, it can be easier to develop trust and open up.


For some individuals, this setting offers advantages as it provides one-on-one interaction with the practitioner. It can make it easier to build trust, open up, and resolve issues that might have been challenging to address otherwise.


$150 Individual Session In Person


General Information:

Any type of session we do happens within the transformational energy of ReConnective Therapy (RCT). Amongst other things, this means, all the conversations we will have are designed to be activated thus creating the opportunity for  healing to occur on many levels.
The same can be true for possibilities you start seeing in your life and the actions you can take accordingly, they can be activated as well. The premise of this activation is that everything you need for this will be readily available in you to apply to your life and develop your own power to create your life as you wish it to be.



RCT is an alternative nonmedical/nonpsychological healing art based on the emerging field of energy medicine. There is a distinction between “healing” as described above when applying RCT and the practice of medicine, psychotherapy, or any other licensed health care practice. Participating in a RCT session is not a substitute for seeking professional health care diagnosis or treatment. Please refer to our Disclaimer for further clarification.