Energetic Alignment for Businesses

ReConnective Therapy is energy work that is designed to facilitate healing by connecting information from the templates of perfection into the physical body. We observe that not only living beings have an energy body and templates of perfection but human creations such as a business do have this as well. We offer the service to create the possibility to heal and transform a business the same way as a human being, by connecting information from its templates of perfection.

As every business is unique we can provide custom solutions for yours by providing the opportunity to:


  • Assess the alignment of your business to its templates of perfection on all levels and suggest a course of action.
  • Connect the current template “as is” of your business to its template of perfection thus making it possible to facilitate transformation.
  • Helping to make this transformation go smoothly by working with key individuals in your business thus assisting in aligning them to what your business is becoming.

After the assessment of your business we will provide an estimate for a package of services that according to our assessment can optimally serve your business.