RCT Foundation Class

Prerequisite: Principles of Energy Work (Webinar Series – you must attend the webinar series or purchase the recordings and review them before you start the Foundation class)


The ReConnective Therapy Foundation Class is the first concrete step into working with RCT.

The necessary steps you accomplish in this class:

  • Activation into First Frequency
  • Learn about how RCT works
  • The steps to accomplish an RCT Session
  • Application of the RCT Principle to working with the physical body
The activation of what we call “First Frequency” is the prerequisite for entering into RCT as pure energy work. As the integration of this activation takes between 6 weeks and 3 months, we will give you the complete sequence on how to practice RCT as pure energy work in APEW Level I.
In the Foundation Class we will practice with you and show you how you can apply the RCT principles to working with the physical body. This is beautiful and efficient work that you can take home and right away start practicing and expanding your skill in. We have seen excellent results in students who have done just that.
We will introduce to you all the steps necessary to practice RCT as pure energy work except the last step, which will only work once your activation of “First Frequency” is complete and integrated.
On top of this you will become familiar with the concept and background of RCT. For this it is very helpful if you read the book “ReConnective Therapy, a new Healing Paradigm” before coming to class.
The Foundations Class is an Event of enormous transformative power, capable of strongly boosting your internal development.

Foundation Class $980
Repeat $650


Repeating Classes

Experience has shown that repeating classes can be very beneficial. You might encounter the same curriculum, yet the energy for everyone, new or repeating, can be such that you can benefit optimally and have the possibility to continue your work and your path on a significantly higher frequency level.

2024 Dates:


Time: TBD

Location: Online

Facilitated by: Kerstin Schoen

Registration Deadline:

Cost: $980