Energetic Alignment for Organizations

In this writing I will show you that every organization whatever it is, has an energy at its origin that without it it could not exist, it would not even have come into existence to begin with. I will elaborate on the basic rules these energies follow and how we can work with them to improve structure and function of any organization.

First we need to define “organization” to make sure author and reader do not loose each other during this little excursion. The way I define “organization” in this writing: Every functional unit consisting of more than one smaller functional unit I call an organization. If we apply this definition to the world around us we see, that there is pretty much nothing that is not an organization as everything directly accessible to our senses can be broken down into smaller functional units. A cloud is an organization as is a plant or an animal or a rock, a human being, a family, a country, or a business, anything you can see and touch is, according to this definition, an organization.

The next question I am asking you is, what makes functional units gather to form a larger structure with a different purpose than their own? Why do small granules of silica form a rock? Because of the forces that bonded them, mostly pressure and heat. Why to animals form herds? It is because their internal programming drives them to do so. How do businesses come into existence, because somebody had an idea and followed through with it. What you can already see here in our examples is, that whatever founded an organization is nothing tangible, it is a force or an energy. Pressure and heat are energies, as is what drives us through our internal programming. An idea is nothing but pure energy and so is the action to follow through on the manifestation of this idea.

I will show that energy has to be at the origin of every manifestation in the physical world and I will start with the manifestation of the physical body of a human being.

The equations of theoretical physics provide one way to describe physical reality. Newton’s laws, for example, are expressed in equations that accurately describe physical reality in the dimensions that are directly accessible to our senses. These equations form the foundation for many aspects of theoretical and applied science. They are used, for instance, in the structural engineering of buildings.

Two axioms compose the foundation of classical, Newtonian mechanics. One is  F = m · a, which means that force equals mass times acceleration. Nothing has ever invalidated this axiom, not even the evolution of quantum theory.

F = m · a, tells us that no piece of matter ever budges unless a force moves it. I can say it this way because the ideal situation of friction-free movement does not exist in the physical world.

I want to apply this insight to the formation of a human cell. Many different elements go into making a cell. We find oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and a lot of minerals. However, if we take all the cell’s components and put them together in a bowl in exactly the right proportions, we will not create a living cell. We can try whatever we want—stir, shake, heat or whatever— we still will not have a cell, just a group of elements mixed together in a bowl.

What, then, distinguishes the mixture of elements from a living cell? A force must organize the components in a way that manifests a cell. Once this force acts upon these elements, we see them bonding to each other and moving around in a way that is clearly a living cell. When this force disconnects from the cell, we see all the elements start to separate from each other again and go their own ways. We see the cell falling apart, or, we say the cell has died.

With this, we can perceive a cell as a dynamic event in which an intelligent force organizes matter in a specific way, rather than as a gathering of matter that over time and by coincidence evolves a form of organization in order to survive. Evolution, in my understanding, is the manifestation of these organizing forces in space and time.

If we fully accept this concept—that a force organizes matter—the way we see the world changes drastically. We perceive everything in the physical world as the expression of an organizing, living force. This force can be seen as the counterbalance to the second law of thermodynamics, which says that everything in the created universe tends towards entropy.

Now, I want to apply these insights to the human body. What is valid for one cell should be valid for a unit consisting of many cells. Just as a force organizes matter in the creation of one cell, it also organizes the manifestation of a physical body. This force I call the energy body.

The energy body has a distinct anatomy. It holds all the information for body shape, structure and function. It holds all our feelings, thoughts and memories. Everything that we have experienced or will experience is in our energy bodies. It holds all our possible futures as well as all our higher aspects that have not yet connected to the body. It holds all the possibilities for raising our frequency up to the level of our pure essence. We can say that the physical body is a materialized expression of parts of our energy body. I say parts, because our energy body is vast. For most of us, our physical bodies are connected to just a tiny bit of its information.

The Templates of Physical Body Structure and Function
In this chapter I wish to lie down the foundation of exactly how the energy body is creating an organization or to stay in our example how it creates and maintains a physical body and how it can be worked with.

Remember that I talked about the energy body holding the information of physical body structure and function, these I call the templates of physical body structure and function. These templates hold all the information of body structure and function. There is not a molecule anywhere in the physical body, that is not governed by this information and the force that executes it.

In the energy body there are two different aspects that are of importance for the context of this chapter and I wish to distinguish them here at this point. One is force and the other is information. Force by itself cannot accomplish anything as it does not have direction. Information by itself does not manifest anything either as there is no force carrying out the information in the three dimensional realm.

Imagine you have the blueprint of a house. That by itself does not build a house. Or you just have the work force and the machinery but no blueprint of the house. They will sit around all day, but no house is being built as they do not know what to do. Only the two of them together will manifest a house. Information and force.

The templates of physical body structure and function exist in two different frequency aspects, the template “as is” and the template of perfection.


The inner circle that you see around the body represents the template “as is”. It contains all the information of physical body structure and function as it is at this very moment. The information contained in there tells you exactly what works in this particular physical body and what does not so well. People who are aware of their inherent ability to read energy can very precisely diagnose physical conditions by reading the template of physical body structure and function “as is”.

If someone develops pneumonia, it is not because they have become infected, it is because this information was already in the template “as is” BEFORE the pneumonia could manifest. Remember that the body cannot manifest anything out of itself as it is ruled by the energy body and a pneumonia is no exception. Cancer is in this template usually years before it manifests physically. Even the consequences of accidents are in the template “as is” before they happen. If you break a bone in an accident, this broken bone will show up in your template “as is” some time before it actually happens.

As I have lived parts of my life more on the “wild side”, I have had plenty of situations where accidents could have happened, but they did not. Very early in my life, I was acutely aware of a system almost like an autopilot that took over in dangerous situations and that did things in a speed and accuracy unprecedented. As this happened quite a bit, I came to rely on it. Every time an accident happened, this system did not kick in as if it wanted the accident to happen and consciously held back. Today I understand why, the incident was already programmed into the template “as is” thus had to manifest.

The outer ring you see in the picture represents the template of physical body structure and function of perfection. Almost every human being has these two templates. It is a rare occurrence that the template “as is” merges with the template of perfection. The template “as is” can hold information of health, meaning function as well as dysfunction, meaning disease. The template of perfection only holds information of perfect structure and function of the physical body. According to what I see, if all the information in there were to be connected to the physical body 100%, this body would never be sick, there would be no pain ever and it would not even age. The body would mature and that would be it. This is the information held in the energy body of every human being.

The Templates of Business Organizations
Every business begins with an idea. An idea is nothing physical, it is information. Remember the analogy I gave in the former chapter about building a house. The force that is actually manifesting the business is the action the person with the idea is taking to manifest the business in the world. The idea is the template of structure and function and then there is the energy carrying it out, resources and manpower. This is very similar to what we learned about the templates of physical body structure and function.

We have learned that the templates of physical body structure and function completely rule the physical body. There are very distinct rules that govern this process.  Understand that these are not man made nor are they governed by any type of process of socialization. They are part of the makeup of the universe and they are not negotiable nor can they be changed. For example, within the three dimensional realm, gravity is one rule or law that governs the phenomenon of physical matter. The moment something is physical matter, it is subject to the force of gravity. Same is true for the force of inertia.

The rules that govern the physical body I will not describe in all detail as it does not serve our particular theme.  The important thing to understand, is that the organism will be healthy as long as energy can move through it freely. As soon as these rules are violated, the consequence, not punishment, is the blocking of the free flow of energy at some point inevitably resulting in disease. For example, if a person blocks the free flow of energy in the body through the accumulation of fear, instead of learning how to overcome fear and practicing it accordingly, it is widely known that this can result in disease. The same is true for the templates of a business organization yet there are some very important differences that rule the organization of businesses than there are for the physical body.

The most important aspect that differentiates the energetics of businesses from the physical body I will mention here. Every integral part of the physical body has consciousness and knows what it is within the context of the body. Your right arm knows that it is your right arm as does your liver as does every cell and atom in your body. They work together to maintain body structure and function at the highest level possible. These consciousness’s do not have the ability to create nor are they free to shape their relationships with other consciousness’s in the body the way humans can. Human beings have the freedom and the capability to create functional as well as dysfunctional relationships. The relationships of conscious aspects of the body are always functional.

We do know that businesses consist of individuals and every single one of them has the freedom to either work for the best of the organization he has chosen to be part of or to it’s detriment. This adds different aspects to working with the energy body of businesses than the physical body.

Connecting to the Templates of Perfection
When the physical body undergoes trauma let us say on the physical level like an accident, there is a specific self protective mechanism that kicks in to ensure survival. This is a complex response that I will not describe in detail as it does not serve the purpose of this writing, just know that it will cause energetic isolation of the part that has been affected in the accident. The consequence is, that there is limited to no communication between this part of the body and the rest, which is the main reason for healing of accidents to take the time that it generally does. A simple broken bone usually takes about 6 weeks to heal. Through integrating the injured part back into the system thus reestablishing full communication I have seen bone breaks healing in as little as one day.

The same is true for emotional trauma and any kind of experience that cannot be integrated in the mind. It causes a part of the psyche of a person to become energetically isolated from the rest of the personality. People who have undergone significant trauma or many of them, can become very fragmented in their emotional and mental being thus more and more dysfunctional.

It is very similar in a business organization. If anything happens that disturbs the free flow of energy, parts of the organization will start to have limited communication with other parts. It is a fragmentation that begins within the business that can ultimately lead to its demise.

Remember that we talked above about the templates of physical body structure and function and that these exist on two frequency levels, the templates “as is” and the templates of perfection. It is a simple process that allows information from the templates of perfection to connect and anchor all the way into the physical body and we call it “ReConnective Therapy” (RCT). RCT works through resonance. The therapist allows his templates of perfection to activate. This looks like they become very bright like a dimmer that turns up a light. As all the templates of perfection in every human being reside on the same frequency level, through resonance, this activation stimulates the templates of perfection in the client to activate as well. When the strength of this activation has reached a threshold, information from the templates of perfection connect to the physical body.

First they connect to the templates “as is”, restructuring these and from there they connect to the physical body restructuring it accordingly. On top of this, this information anchors in the physical body which means, once a connection is made, it will stay. I do this work 17 years now and I have never seen a connection like this disappear.

What is the template of perfection in a business organization? Imagine you wish to build your perfect house. You have this vision of what it has to look like and it is perfect and you love it already before it is manifest. Let us say, this vision is the template of perfection for this particular house. Then you have an architect make the drawings. He might tell you, that you are not allowed to build it exactly the way you envision, because that would not be to code and to have your building permitted, you need to comply. This is the moment where we have two templates, a template of perfection and a template “as is”. Then it goes further, there might be materials or craftsmanship that might not be as perfect as you have envisioned or certain things you see in there might not be available where you are. In the end you will still love your house even if it is not as perfect as you have envisioned it and it will be pleasant to live in.

Every Business starts with a vision and this vision is the template of perfection for this particular business. Then the business will be manifested in the physical world and for this you need resources and manpower. It is human beings who will run the business. As we have already spoken about, every human being has the templates of perfection of physical body structure and function in their energy body. But there is more. These templates “as is” and perfection also exist on the emotional and the mental level. To get to understand these, we will have to drop any notions of socialization, education and the like. What is contained in these goes far beyond that. It is similar with the templates of perfection on the physical level, connecting this information to the body can result in healings that for lack of education, people call miracles. It is far beyond what medical science can imagine and I have seen this many times in my work.

Love, integrity, compassion, caring, patience, playfulness, creativity, intelligence intellectual as well as emotional, these are some of the very attractive qualities that reside as information within the templates of perfection on the emotional and mental plane. As I have said, these every human being has. Every human being has also templates “as is” on these planes. The qualities therein can be quite different from what is in the templates of perfection as we all know.

From the point of view of the energy of a business, two parameters decide how well it will function. One is the alignment of the people comprising the workforce with the template of perfection. The other one is the level of communication amongst them. I use the term “communication” here in a very broad way which includes not only words, but the unspoken, the energy as well.

Imagine, for example, a business has been founded on the vision of providing high quality nutrition for people. This went well for while and the company was thriving. However, greed slowly crept in and the company started sacrificing quality for the sake of profitability. This is a hypothetical example of how a business can go out of alignment with its template of perfection.

Reconnecting a business to information of its templates of perfection has to be done on two different levels, on the level of the energy body of the business itself as an entity and on the level of the human beings who are a part of it. This can manifest beautiful results from higher efficiency to more creativity, more free flow of information and money, abundance, improvement of relationships and ultimately in increased joy of working in this particular business.