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Internal Practice – Nuggets Series

What is the definition of a nugget found in the dictionary?

Something small, as an item of information, that is regarded as valuable.
A small compact portion or unit.
A lump of native gold.
A small, solid lump, especially of gold.
A small chunk of portion, as of food. 


In Internal Practice, mastery is something that develops over time with regular implementation of small but valuable practices (Nuggets). In recent times we are continuously thrown into new circumstances in life – Regardless of the specific circumstances, we experience a constant impact on multiple domains of life. 

It is proven that knowing our internal foundation is extremely helpful as we navigate our lives. The practices in the Nuggets will teach you how to become aware and to utilize your internal foundation even as you navigate the most challenging of circumstances. 

The Internal Practice – Nuggets series are created to guide and support one’s life journey. This series is also an accelerated training for mastering your internal state. As we learn to master our internal state, we are in conscious creation. In conscious creation we grow our awareness. With more awareness we can make conscious decisions. A conscious life allows us to nourish and expand both ourselves and what is possible. 


There are 3 total and they can be attended in any sequence.


Nugget Focus
When traveling through a country, establishing your destination and referencing a roadmap makes navigation much easier. This is also true in our lives. If we don’t know where we are starting, and we don’t have a goal, our experience is full of uncertainty. Uncertainty often triggers fear-based low frequency energies. These low frequencies can cause instability in the whole system, which in turn will make navigating our lives much more challenging and unpleasant.

Having a sense of the territory, and sign posts along the way reduces uncertainty and makes for  smoother navigation. As a result, we are more likely to be on a journey that is enjoyable and fun.


Nugget NOWism – Being present in your Life
Conscious Creation is one of the most rewarding and joyful moments that one can explore and experience in life. There is nothing that is as nourishing as meeting a conscious creation in manifestation. The focus is the state of now. The state of now is sufficient and powerful in every situation of one’s life. It is important to train oneself to distinguish between focusing on an expectation and being in acceptance of what is. 


Nugget Divine Order Within
When we speak about a human being, the understanding of the whole being, and what comes with it, is crucial for one’s emotional, mental and physical well being. In this series we are attuning to our internal structure which both includes the physical body and the internal structure which is beyond the physical body. Awareness of our internal structure and it’s connection into the physical body makes it easier to consciously navigate daily circumstances, especially the situations that could knock us off track.


The structure of each Nugget:

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Every week a video-conference call
  • 6 video-conference calls total – live attendance is not necessary
  • Video-conference call lasts 45 minutes
  • Structure of the video-conference call:
    – Teachings
    – Homework assignments until the next video-conference call
  • Accountability Telegram Channel:
    –possibility for exchange with participants of the class and share one’s realizations or experiences
  • Technical Support:
    For easy access to the material – every participant has to have access to the telegram app. Every announcement and dial in information will be shared through the telegram channel – there will be no emails sent out with the information of the class recordings and materials. Live attendance for the classes is not necessary. 

    2 weeks after the completion of each nugget – participants will receive the recordings of the teaching and the guided practices in form of a dropbox attachments

Cost: $200