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Practitioner Support & Training

Embodiment & Application of RCT Concepts

via Zoom with Kerstin


In this class you will learn a set of RCT concepts, learn how to distinguish and categorize these concepts, and then practice applying these concepts with your clients to create a strong foundation as a RCT Practitioner – focusing on growth and activation during this new time.

Date: Saturday, December 3rd 2022

Time: 7:00am – 10am PT

Cost: $290



Client Feedback for Practitioners


via Phone or Zoom with Kerstin

  • These sessions are either through Zoom or on the phone.
  • The duration is 45 minutes
  • You can bring a maximum of 3 clients with 2 treatments of each client – which can be discussed in the call.
  • The treatments should not be older than 3 months.
  • Contact the office to make an appointment for a Feedback Session.

Opportunity for customized training to take your practitioner skills to your next level. Kerstin meets you where you are and supports you and your system as you evolve into what is next for you.

Cost: $125


via Email with Kerstin

We need

  • the name of your client,
  • the approximate age,
  • the exact date of the session, and
  • why the client comes to you.

Share with us

  • what information came to you after the session was complete and
  • in how many days can the client receive another RCT session.

Cost: $20 per client / up to 3 sessions per client, not older than 3 months, all together in one e-mail