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RCT Treatment Groups

In our work we have observed that the healing effect can be significantly heightened when we do sessions in a group setting compared to one to one. We think that the reason for this to be possible is because the healing effect is triggered by resonance. We have observed that in a group setting, not only can we trigger the resonance effect in every individual present, but all the participants can also stimulate this in each other.

In other words, it is possible that every healing process in you can stimulate a healing process in everyone else present in this event. This phenomenon can exponentially increase the healing power the more more people are present. On top of this we spend about two and a half hours together and while it is not possible to provide any guarantees, the longer we are together, the higher the frequency can rise and the more healing can happen.


  • In the beginning of an RCT Treatment Group we introduce our work and explain its basic structure by use of an animation.
    This part will take about 45 minutes and is free of charge.


  • Then we have a 15 minute break during which you have the opportunity to sign up for the actual session.


  • Structure of an RCT Treatment Group:1) After the break we work with all group participants at the same time. This takes about 2-5 minutes.
    2) After this there is time for questions. During the question and answer session we continue our work with the group and with everyone individually. This part will take about 90 minutes.
    3.) During this time you are welcome to bring anything to us you wish to work on. It can be a theme of health, relationship, emotions or thought patterns, certain creations and patterns in your life, anything. We will work with you in the Energy of ReConnective Therapy for you to have the opportunity to be able to become aware of possibilities that so far have been unknown for you so you can make choices that were not available to you before. At the same time this work of awareness we do together is designed to allow the energy of healing to go even deeper into your system on all levels.


Facilitator: Kerstin Schoen

Cost: ~250 NIS


Include Individuals or animals long distance:

  • 1) As Reconnective Therapy can be done long distance, in every treatment group it is an option to include individuals who cannot be there in person.
    2) It is required that they have clearly given permission and consented to be included.
    3) Upon obtaining consent, please give the name of the individual that should be included into the group to the person who does the registration.


Included Individuals or animals ~190 NIS



RCT is an alternative nonmedical/nonpsychological healing art based on the emerging field of energy medicine. There is a distinction between “healing” as described above when applying RCT and the practice of medicine, psychotherapy, or any other licensed health care practice. Participating in a Treatment Group is not a substitute for seeking professional health care diagnosis or treatment. Please refer to our Disclaimer for further clarification.