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Applied Principles of Energy Work (APEW) Levels I – IV

Prerequisite: RCT Foundation Class 

APEW Level I – the biomechanics of the body, the muscles, bones, joints, pelvis, spine and skull
APEW Level II – the viscera
APEW Level III – the central nervous system (CNS)
APEW Level IV – the circulatory system

In this series you will be introduced to RCT as pure energy work. You will learn to work with the different systems of the body, the biomechanics, the organs, the central nervous system, and the circulatory system.

In the APEW class series you will have the opportunity to work on each other as well as receive teachings on how the body works as a living being. These teachings are intended to come alive for you in your work on each other.

Each class will be 3 days in duration.

APEW Levels I-III can only be taken in numerical sequence.



For more information:

Gabby Ziaslevski
Phone & WhatsApp: 054 – 492 – 0180