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Healing of Emotions

Many times when you get an email about a session, we say or write that it was “healing of emotions”. This is a term we use to describe a rather complex process that we wish to shed some light on in case you are interested to understand what actually happens. Please understand that we could easily write a whole book on this topic, thus we can only touch certain topics but not elaborate on them.

First, it needs to be understood that every human being commands an enormous power and this is the power to create using energy. It starts with a desire that leads to a fixed image in the mind. Let us say it is the desire to own a red Ferrari. This unchanging content in the mind is charged with energy through the joy of imagining how it is to have it, to drive it and so on. Once the energy has gone past a certain threshold it will manifest not only in your mind but in the 3D world. You might have to do certain things, yet we have seen manifestations where the object of desire literally showed up at someone’s doorstep. This power is so strong that everything we experience we have created.

This is a simple example for a creation from the conscious mind. There are creations from the subconscious mind. Every trouble, like disease and the like, we do not create consciously but from content that is in our subconscious mind. The question is, how does it get there, how does a fixed image get into our subconscious and how is it charged with energy?

Let us look at the following scenario. A person you trust has betrayed you. This can be a painful event, more painful than the psyche can handle. If this is the case, a self-protective mechanism will kick in and one of the things it does, it will give the event an interpretation that is designed to protect you from repetition. It can be: ” People are like this, they cannot be trusted, they are out there to betray you.” Because of the intensity of the event and the fact that it cannot be integrated, everything in you will believe the truth of this statement and it will also fade into the subconscious mind. The fact that you strongly believe this, even if it is subconscious, is what charges this content with energy – and once the level of this energy passes a certain threshold the content will manifest. You will experience more betrayal that in turn will reinforce the original belief.

We have observed that sessions with ReConnective Therapy can connect this belief with a higher frequency aspect of your mental body. Here is a simple example of what this can look like. Imagine you are having a bad day at work and at home it is not looking pretty either. You are in traffic driving home and somebody cuts you off. As you are already in bad shape emotionally, you might just explode with anger and you might perpetuate this anger for many hours. Imagine this moment differently: this person cuts you off, you have the thought: ”Maybe he is feeling even worse than I do.” There will be no anger; you will just be at peace and forget the incident instantaneously. This is a simple example of the transformation that can occur when a lower frequency mental content is connected to a higher frequency aspect of yourself.

Going back to our original scenario, the betrayal, this is exactly what happens. In an RCT session the belief of everybody wanting to betray you is connected to a higher frequency aspect of yourself, which then can transform into harmony within your self. From then on you will not create your life experience from the belief of everybody wanting to betray you but from a different place within yourself, a place that will not attract betrayal to you but where you will be at peace and attract people who mirror this internal state. This is true healing at the origin of where it all came from.