Healing and Awareness Day/Weekend more

Healing and Awareness Day/Weekend

One of the features that makes ReConnective Therapy so powerful, fast, and unique is that healing happens at the origin, at the level of where the problem has been created, and, in addition, most of this healing happens through our subconsciousness.

Several years ago I became aware that there is a possibility to combine this power with the work of you becoming aware and step by step taking charge of your own process of healing and internal development.

We can do this work together long distance, but experience has shown that in person, in a group setting, it is much more powerful and comprehensive.

It is an opportunity to consciously break through long-standing patterns that have limited your life experience for a long time and to discover possibilities for your life yet unknown to you, together with the tools to implement them instantaneously.

For this purpose we have created the ReConnective Therapy Healing and Awareness Day and Weekends.

We will work with you in a group setting making the energies that have been driving your life to the present time visible for you to see and experience. In this context we will show you possibilities to transform these energies and what can open up in your life to live closer to the purpose you took incarnation for.