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2023 Practitioner Training Program

This program will start in February and end in November.

Mastery of ReConnective Therapy does not just happen to you. Rather it can be acquired through commitment to the work and diligent practice. This program is there to support you in this through:


  • Internal Practice Nugget Series
     The Internal Practice Nugget Series is comprised of  3 6-week long online classes, which serve to learn about the internal structure within and shape the internal foundation of a RCT practitioner. This will serve you not only in your training but also in becoming more aware in your daily life. Internal Practice is a must for the aspiring RCT Practitioner. More information about the Nugget Series – click here. 
  • 4 Embodiment of RCT Concepts and Application Classes via video-conference
    These classes will deepen the awareness of concepts of the structural RCT work and guide you to create a clear road map that will allow the embodiment of RCT concepts, which will lead to more confidence for you as a RCT practitioner. Each training lasts 3 hours and includes a 30-minute pause.
  • 6 video conference calls with a live long-distance session with a client of yours. After you treat your clients, we will discuss the sessions and our observations in the form of case studies for all of us to learn from. This can help you to become aware of what happens in your work and how to communicate this with your clients. Come prepared with permission to work on your client in class.
  • 2 Concept Application & APEW Day ( 2 full days – online class)
    This class will offer you the opportunity for sitting in in the first half of the first day when Kerstin treats clients. The other half of the day will be used as debrief and concept application training.  The second day will be structured as an Applied Principle of Energy Work (APEW) class and according to what the group needs the appropriate system will be studied and worked on. It can be the skeletal system, the organs, the nervous system, the circulatory system, sensory system etc.
  • 2 Online Conscious Work Sessions via video-conference in a group setting
    In these Online Conscious Work Sessions you will have the opportunity to look into areas of your life that are showing up for you, coming to the surface, and calling for more awareness for you as a RCT Practitioner so that you can work with them. Each session will be 6 hours long and includes several pauses. It is a healing day for RCT Practitioners.

Be aware that this program is not a sequence of classes but literally a one-year program. You will have the opportunity to be in this energy for the entire length of the program.


Registration Deadline:
Prerequisite: Applied Principles of Energy Work (APEW) I