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2020 Practitioner Training Program

This program will start in May and end in December

Mastery of ReConnective Therapy does not just happen to you. Rather it can be acquired through commitment to the work and diligent practice. This program is there to support you in this through:


  • 7 video conference calls into which you are invited to bring information about your clients and your RCT work on them with their permission. We will discuss these in the form of case studies for all of us to learn. This can help you to know what happens in your work and how to communicate this with your clients.
    4 video conference calls are focused on you giving a long-distance RCT session on your client. Come prepared to the class and permission to work on your client in class.
    3 video conference calls are focused on 2 RCT sessions that you offered to your client and this will be discussed as a case study. These will alternate throughout the whole year.
  • 2 RCT Practitioner Training Sessions via video-conference
    In the Practitioner Training Sessions you have the opportunity to apply your refined skills under our supervision and receive training in long distance sessions and concepts we use in the RCT work.
  • 2 Online Conscious Work Sessions via video-conference in a group setting
    In these Online Conscious Work Sessions you will have the opportunity to look into areas of your life that are calling for more awareness for you as a RCT Practitioner.
  • 1 Supervision & Expansion Class ( 3-day class in person* on Whidbey Island)
    This 3-day In-Person Supervision & Expansion Class (and the opportunity for sitting in following the event) will serve you for deep transformation and for awareness, both of which will greatly benefit you in your work as an RCT Practitioner. (*We are observing the development in the country and will reschedule this class if travel is not possible on the listed dates.)
  • 6 Internal Practice Calls – Module 1 (3 calls) and Module 2 (3 calls)
    Internal Practice is a must for the aspiring RCT Practitioner. These 6 Internal Practice Calls are held once a month and in every call you will get an internal practice that is designed for your current needs as an RCT Practitioner in Training.
  • 6 Individual Feedback Calls – these sessions are 45 min long in duration and can be held through zoom or on the phone. Up to 3 clients can be discussed on these calls and 2 treatments each.
  • 2 “Personal Time” Calls with Kerstin;
    Come prepared to these calls with topics you wish to work on. These calls will be 45 minutes and schedule a call every quarter of the year.
  • One year long access to our RCT Lexicon, an online platform, that is a collection of teachings and material from the last 3 years of case study calls.


Be aware that this program is not a sequence of classes but literally a one year program. You will have the opportunity to be in this energy for one full year.


Registration Deadline: Thursday, April 30, 2020
Prerequisite: Applied Principles of Energy Work (APEW) I