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Getting yourself into the Game of your Life



The 3 elements of the School of Life – Circle of Foundations are:



    • Intimate Relationships
    • Family
    • Work
    • Friends
    • Casual Relationships
    • Relationship with yourself


Body & Health

Career, Money & Business

The structure of Element -Body & Health:

  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Every 2 weeks a video-conference call
  • 7 video-conference calls total
  • Video-conference call lasts 1 hour
  • Structure of the video-conference call:
    – Practices that we will do together
    – Time for questions
    – Teachings
    – Homework assignments until the next video-conference call
  • Accountability Calls:
    – All participants will be divided into pairs
    – At the beginning of the series you will receive the guideline for the accountability calls
    – One-on-one accountability call every other week with your accountability partner throughout the series

Cost: $400 ( ~ NIS 1400)
Deposit of $100 ( ~ NIS 350 ) due by August 4th. The balance can be paid till December 15th, 2017.

Body & Health:

When something is going on with our body, most of us look at it as being something that randomly happened and we want it to be fixed and move on with our lives. For this purpose we use different means, from western medicine to all kinds of other therapies ranging from acupuncture and herbs to energy work. In this curriculum, you will step by step become aware of how you create everything that happens in your body, from wellbeing to life threatening conditions, by way of thought and emotion. You will learn how to deal with these particular thoughts and emotions so they can shift and consequently you can create a different experience of being on planet earth in a physical body.

We will teach you how thought and emotion interact with your physical body so you can learn how to have these forces not work to the detriment of your body but create health and vibrancy.

Please be aware that this is not a medical treatment nor is it based in western science and there is no promise that you will have a certain result by participating in this particular program.


For Information Contact:
Gabby Ziaslevski

Phone & WhatsApp
054 – 492 – 0180


Career, Money & Business:

We have seen that these three topics oftentimes cause a lot of stress and discomfort in people’s lives. This seems to be entirely independent of how much abundance or scarcity is present, how much success or failure in career and business, and how much wealth has been accumulated. There are other factors ruling this domain that oftentimes do so from the subconscious, thus preventing peace and fulfillment in this aspect of life. As it is with everything else, it is your thoughts and emotions that create your experience in this area. In this curriculum you will examine your thought and emotional patterns in the domain of career, business and money to become aware of the forces that have created what is currently present and then you will learn how to shift these to create the life experience you wish to have in this domain.

We will also teach you about the particulars of money as an energy and how it works as such together with the interconnection of thought and emotion with your career and/or business.


It is our experience that for most human beings the area of relationships is the most important domain in their lives. There is a desire for intimacy, authenticity and abundance in this area that most of the time is not fulfilled. Instead we often see repetitions of the same experiences over and over again across all types of relationships such as intimate, family, friends and so on. You will learn to become aware of how you, mostly subconsciously, attract certain types of relationships into your life by way of thought and emotion and how to shift your way of thinking and feeling permanently to attract and maintain more and more of the type of relationships you wish to see in your life.

There will also be an abundance of teaching on the nature of relationships so you can become more aware of how you create, maintain and possibly shift the relationships that are currently in your life.

For Information contact:


Gabby Ziaslevski          Phone & WhatsApp:      054 – 492 – 0180