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NEW BOOK “Internal Practice”


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Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-7323-8139-5
Size: 6.0 inch x 9.0 inch
Price: $ 17.99

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Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-7323-8140-1
Size: eBook
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Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-7323-8138-8
Size: 6.0 inch x 9.0 inch
Price: $ 11.99

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Imagine you are here on planet earth with a specific purpose to fulfill which is beyond the hamster wheel of western society of having more and more of everything. Imagine the path to fulfilling this purpose is the only way you will be in alignment with yourself and that this is possible for you by becoming educated about the powers you command as a human being and the steps to master these. This book will introduce you to the greatest power you command, the power to create using energy. We create by way of thought and emotion, both from our conscious awareness as well as from our subconsciousness. Consequently, the mastery of thought and emotion is the first step into the ability to create consciously.

You will learn how to find freedom inside of the thoughts and emotions that are present in you and consequently being able to step by step consciously design your internal mental and emotional environment as well as lifting content from your subconsciousness into awareness. This in turn will enable you to take responsibility for and intentionally shape aspects of your life that you previously believed to happen coincidentally and that you consequently were not able to take responsibility for. You will be introduced to practices that are designed to bring the teachings of this book into your every day life.