2022 Practitioner Training Program
APRIL 2022 – DECEMBER 2022



Internal Practice – Nugget Series:
Nugget Focus
(6 conference calls – 45 min)
Nugget NOWism – Being present in your Life (6 conference calls – 45 min)
Nugget Divine Order Within (6 conference calls – 45 min)

The series will be presented through telegram and is open to the public.  As a student of RCT it is recommended to add these 5 min practices each day to your 20 minute Quiet Time.
This will serve you in your training as an RCT practitioner and it will serve you to become more aware in your daily life.

4 Embodiment of RCT Concepts and Application Class via video-conference:
Every Class will be 3 hours long and will deepen the concepts of the structural work. The training lasts 3 hours and includes a 30-minute pause.




6 video conference calls:
6 Case Study Calls – live treatments of your clients on the call.
Come prepared for the call with permission to work on 1 client of yours during the call.
Send the background information to Kerstin no later than 2 days before the call. You will be sent a form to fill out.
Each call will be 90 minutes.

2 Concept Application & APEW Day: 
2 Two-day Training (online class). This class will offer you the opportunity for sitting in in the first half of the first day when Kerstin treats clients. The other half of the day will be used as debrief and concept application training.  The second day will be structured as an Applied Principle of Energy Work (APEW) class and according to what the group needs the appropriate system will be studied and worked on. It can be the skeletal system, the organs, the nervous system, the circulatory system, sensory system etc.
These 2 days will serve your awareness as well as mental expansion and activation of your system as an RCT practitioner.

2 Online Conscious Work Sessions via video-conference:

In these Online Conscious Work Sessions you will have the opportunity to look into areas of your life that are showing up for you, coming to the surface, and calling for more awareness for you as a RCT Practitioner so that you can work with them. Each session will be 6 hours long and includes several pauses. It is a healing day for RCT Practitioners.


For Payment in installments,
contact our office.

Registration Deadline:
Monday, April 11th

Register Here with a $300 Deposit


Internal Practice – Nugget Series:
Nugget Focus

Every Monday, April 18th – May 23rd

Nugget NOWism
Every Monday, July 18th – August 22nd

Nugget Divine Order Within
Every Monday, October 10th – November 14th

5:00pm – 5:45pm PT

Embodiment of RCT Concepts & Application:
Sunday, May 15th
Sunday, July 24th
Sunday, October 23rd
Sunday, November 20th

Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm PT, ½-hour pause during the class

Case Study Calls with LIVE long-distance treatments:

Thursday, April 28th
Thursday, May 26th
Thursday, June 30
Thursday, September 29th
Thursday, October 27th
Thursday, December 1st 


Thursdays 5:00pm – 6:30pm PT

2 Concept Application & APEW Day
(Online classes)

Saturday, June 4th – Sunday, June 5th
Saturday, September 17th – Sunday, September 18th

Time: 8:00am – 4:00pm PT




Conscious Work Sessions:
Sunday, May 1st
Sunday, November 13th

Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm PT, several pauses throughout the day;